Insurance for costs of treatment of foreigners and citizens of Poland permanently residing abroad during their stay in the Republic of Poland

Insurance advantages
  • The cover and amounts of insurance comply with the legal provisions of insurance for foreigners applying for a Polish visa
  • The possibility of extension to include accidents related to performing work with an enhanced risk (e.g. work in metallurgy, construction, work as a lorry driver) or practicing amateur winter and water sports (e.g. snowboard, surffing)
  • The lack of age limit for Policyholders
If you live abroad and want to enjoy a real protection during your stay in Poland in case of:
  • a sudden illness
  • an accident
  • the civil liability in the private life
our insurance is just for you!

Who is covered by Gothaer’s insurance?
Foreigners and citizens of Poland with a country of residence other than Poland.

When is the protection granted?
24 hours per day during stay in Poland for tourism, work or study purposes.

The agreement may be extended with the liability:
  • for practicing amateur winter or water sports
  • and performing work with an increased risk level (excluding the civil liability insurance).